Palette by Pak

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I have been looking at Palette by Pak for a while now and finally took the plunge and ordered one. Small containers or travel sizes are not just for travelling. I use them everywhere.

I have them in the car, my gym bag, my handbag, in my office drawer, kitchen drawer, etc. What’s in it? Usually Benadryl, hand crème, or cuticle balm. In summer, sunscreen. It has saved me (or another person) on several occasions to have small amounts with me so I always save travel sizes and plunder hotels if theirs close better than mine.

When you are not travelling, the size and shape of the container isn’t much of an issue but when you are going through security and complying with TSA regulations, it is. There’s only so much that you can stuff in a quart ziplock bag!

Since I just got the palete, I only filled it with things that are standard in my handbag. I need to build up the confidence that it will not leak and that the quantity I can take along lasts me about a week. Sundays are my ‘empty the bag and check for receipts, etc.’ days anyway so we just add refilling the palette.

Standard in my bag are Benadryl, hand crème, and cuticle balm. I have placed 5 Benadryls in tub #1, hand crème in #2, and emptied an almost empty Sally Hansen in #3. I was surprised how much still came out of that last one.

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Numbers 4 and 5 are empty at the time of writing.

Some asked online about labelling the tubs. I intend to place the original product above the tub, take a picture, and exchange that picture on my cellphone as needed.

I read in some reviews that people were upset how fast the white plastic holder broke and/or that the cubs leak. The white plastic holder seems sturdy but only time will tell. If it breaks, I will update this post. As for leaking, I placed the holder with the ‘Palette’ name on the left on a flat surface. Then closed the tubs and lined up the numbers. If it leaks, I will update this post!

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To help myself build up the confidence that this palette will not leak and make a mess of my new hand bag, I am going to use the wrapping for a while. The palette comes in a carton tube. The yellow part fits snug over the palette and fits easily into the side pocket of my hand bag.

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I have no travel plans for the next few weeks where I will meet the TSA. But to cover it all, I tried fitting the palette into a quart ziplock bag and the result is here below.

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Once I have build up the trust that it will not leak, I intend to experiment with quantities to see how long the palette can carry me over when travelling. I am hoping for ten days.

If you have one, let me know your thoughts.