Gratitude Wednesday

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There is a lot to be grateful for in life. So, what am I grateful for today?

1: Washers and Dryers, they keep us going. Even if we never get to the bottom of the hamper, they keep chucking along without complaining. Hilariously, they are from a series named ‘Epic’ and that name is well-chosen.

2: Tea, yes, simple tea leaves. They are not just tasty. They work magic. Earl Grey Tea settles my stomach when it is upset. Jasmin Green Tea soothes my nerves when I watch the news. Oolong Tea peps me up when I start to feel sluggish. And, Tazo Dream Tea with valerian provides the calm I need before bed.

3: Books, I love books. You can never have too many books. In fact, my husband and I would tell you to move to a bigger house to accommodate your books. We have books everywhere in the house. I have at one point even considered making a Christmas Tree from books but it fell apart.

What’s on your gratitude list?