What I can do again

Photo by Miriam Alonso on Pexels.com

Before we left for vacation, my chest and shoulders were very tight. I did do daily stretches but the repetitive movements with the mouse and being hunched over my desk reading and writing, did a number on my body.

During our vacation, I stayed away from the desktop and the mouse. I did not bring a laptop. Just books, journals, and my mobile phone. We walked a lot, were outside every day, and I didn’t do any fitness classes.

We are back home now so after a few days of unpacking and settling in, I picked up my fitness routine again. Honestly, I feared the worst because I had not done any traditional exercises. We just walked.

However, if you have even been in the Old Town in Prague you know that all the streets go up and down. Guess what, staying away from the desktop has done wonders for my shoulders. The photograph at the top of this post? That was an exercise I absolutely could NOT do before we left for Europe. This morning, I did it. The tightness across my clavicles and shoulders is gone too.

And now I am going to try and keep it this way!