Bloganuary, A Review

We made it. We did a whole month’s worth of writing based on daily prompts. Thank you to all who commented on my musings here. I met terrific bloggers and hope to keep in touch.

Today, we all got email that included a survey. I hope you all use it. To me, that is not enough though. So, I am hoping to get a discussion going here about your experiences with #Bloganuary.

Personally, I found the daily routine to become a burden but I didn’t want to quit. Not every prompt challenged me or, I felt it was too self-centered.

What I missed:

*challenges that included flash fiction (but those cannot be a daily prompt at least for me due to work)

*bloggers sharing blogging tips

*bloggers helping out newbie bloggers

*an automatic sharing of all our posts (after we upload to P2) on social media which should be easy to do for WordPress. This would have enhanced not just our visibility but also #bloganuary.

In general, I wish the challenge was less about each individual blogger but more about the blogging community.

Your thoughts?

Starry Nights

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When I look at the stars, I see several things depending on my mood.

I see Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night while I hear Don McLean sing ‘Vincent.’ I hear Mufasa explain that the stars are the Kings of the Past looking over us. I pretend the stars are my ancestors watching over my family and me.

And I think of the case I lost.

I am going to call him Tony. He committed a terrible crime and was sentenced to death. There was nothing that could have changed the verdict and all appeals failed. The United States Supreme Court refused to intervene and Tony was executed. But before he was, he wrote me a letter.

He thanked me (and the rest of the team, of course) for everything we had done and understood that it was near impossible. So, he wanted me to know that he didn’t held grudges and didn’t want me to feel guilty. He told me that one of the things that kept him sane on death row was to look out of his window at the night sky. He’d pretend that the stars were his friends, all talking to him, and talked back to them.

So, depending on my mood I see the past, I see guardian angels, I see friends talking to me. And I quietly talk back.

A tree, a tree

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A tree, a tree,

what kind would I be?

A bendy, bouncy, or brittle tree?

A willowing, swinging, and glamourous tree?

A tree is ancient, majestic, and free.

A tree is wonderous, calming, and caring.

A tree is musical, soothing, and strong.

A tree is the rock that small animals hold on.

How can I possibly be a tree,

how can I be compared to such a gem?

I can swing but am not majestic.

I can calm and sooth but am not always strong.

I just look up to the trees and

allow the sound of their rustling leaves

to sooth me.

It takes a village

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The assignment is about how I am changing the world. Well, I am a very modest person. I know that I alone cannot change the world and do not overestimate any influence that I might have. I do know that if we all worked together, we could change the world.

I can only change how I react to events, make things better in my family, home, etc. But I cannot change politicians, the mainstream media, or give everyone a working conscience. I’d like to, yes. But I cannot.

So, how am I changing the world? By being realistic, humble, and modest. It takes a village, a community, to improve life for us all.



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Music is an important part of life however, depending on what I am doing, I only play certain styles.

When I am writing for my professional blog, I usually have on repeat the Great American Songbook by Rod Stewart. I love those classics. Alternatives for working are ballet music from Tchaikovsky (favourites are Coppelia and Swan Lake) or Stravinsky (favourite is Petrushka) or acoustic music.

When I am doing research or writing for this blog, any music is game. It ranges from Queen to Frankie Valli and from BTS to David Bowie.

I do not really have playlists. That is still on the to-do list. What music should I play while I make those lists?