But I might switch again

Photography AdS

It is the everlasting quest
to find that one, to find the best.

I open the bag, the smell, the anticipation.

I savour my cup and pledge,
never again another brand or blend.
This is perfect and refined,
the one on which I depend.

But nothing remains the same,
who could possibly make such a claim.

I will keep an open mind
because… who knows what else I might find!

*Tuesday writing prompt from Go Dog Go Cafe


Photo by Sean Valentine on Pexels.com

Divided we fall
connected we can make it,
it sounds so cheesy.

But history shows
that when going it alone,
the people suffer.

Divide or conquer
it does not work anymore,
we are war-tired.

We are so tired
of tanks, bombs, and violence.

we should be building bridges,
connecting the shores.

Strong pillar support
as such, a lasting symbol,
a powerful sight.

*The March #WordPrompt from WordPress is Bridge.

Coffee Chat

Photo by wewe yang on Pexels.com

So what’s new? What have you been up to? Haven’t seen you in a while! We order drinks, and while the barista is getting our coffees ready, we scan the shop for a free table. There is no more room at the counter but there is some space at the reading table. Only, the students have spread out. Laptop to the left, textbooks to the right, backpacks on the chairs. Maybe we should go over to the other side. That other table is even more crowded but it still has some space. We could squeeze in. Just when we pick up our drinks, someone leaves at a small table and we pounce. As we plop down, masks go off, coats go over the chairs, and the sunglasses go back into their cases.

So what’s new? What have you been up to? Haven’t seen you in a while! We talk about this and that, about them and us, and about us back then and now. We talk about what we knew that was wrong back then but could not change and how we now cringe when we look back.

It isn’t just a chat or a catch-up. It is about connections. Connecting with people, their plans, and their worries. Connecting with their doubts and reasons to avoid some topics. Connecting with my own feelings about subjects, people, doubts, regrets, and wishes.

It isn’t about chatting or coffee, it is about freeing your heart to say what you need knowing that you will not be judged or rejected. It is about freeing your soul so it doesn’t go into overload mode. It is about encouraging to listen to your conscience and your guts to do what you always wanted to do, to just be you.

Let’s have coffee again soon!