Guardian Angels

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Up there in the sky

my guardian angels live

they watch over me.

They give me hope and courage

in moments of need and pain.


I look up to them

when the sun warms up my face

I pretend it’s them.

A kiss on my nose or cheek

and a firm kick in the butt!

A tree, a tree

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A tree, a tree,

what kind would I be?

A bendy, bouncy, or brittle tree?

A willowing, swinging, and glamourous tree?

A tree is ancient, majestic, and free.

A tree is wonderous, calming, and caring.

A tree is musical, soothing, and strong.

A tree is the rock that small animals hold on.

How can I possibly be a tree,

how can I be compared to such a gem?

I can swing but am not majestic.

I can calm and sooth but am not always strong.

I just look up to the trees and

allow the sound of their rustling leaves

to sooth me.

Time Travel

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They want time travel
but who has time to travel
or travel in time?

Travel provisos
then there’s time limitations
and destinations.

Local restrictions
then and now and later on
is it really safe?

How do we return?
The travel method unknown
does not instill trust.

I’d need to know more
before considering it
I know, I’m a bore.


Photography Simon Folkard

His skin white as milk.
With one short, swift, smooth movement,

Parting flesh coloring red
unfolding like a flower.
Holding tight the knife
feeling his warm skin unfold
he sighed only once.

A flash of regret
she watched how his blood trails joined
for the dance of death.

*a haiku-tanka-haiku poem for #Bloganuary

Living boldly

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Today’s writing assignment for #Bloganuary calls for a poem made of two tankas and a haiku.


Today’s writing prompt
Living boldly, what is that?
Living with purpose?
Confidently go your way?
Where noone has gone before?

Fear less, embrace change
and cherish diversity.
Start with inclusion.

Your goal is not mine.
Respect my definitions.
Let me be myself.
When we all collaborate…
Now, there is a bold notion!

Happy Holidays

Photography and art by AdS

In spirit we are,

even if we cannot really be together.

And even if we were together,

we are never really complete

without the ones we lost.

Still, we are together

even when we are apart

as we live in each other’s soul and heart.


That feeling, when you cannot see your future, when you question what went wrong, is called: grief.

What you anticipated can vanish in an instant. We cannot expect that feeling to pass on command. Disbelief for what happened may in time become a new cause to take up if, at its core, it still deserves believe.

In the meantime, what you held for unacceptable just may bring you what you sought all along: relief.