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Divided we fall
connected we can make it,
it sounds so cheesy.

But history shows
that when going it alone,
the people suffer.

Divide or conquer
it does not work anymore,
we are war-tired.

We are so tired
of tanks, bombs, and violence.

we should be building bridges,
connecting the shores.

Strong pillar support
as such, a lasting symbol,
a powerful sight.

*The March #WordPrompt from WordPress is Bridge.

Time Travel

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They want time travel
but who has time to travel
or travel in time?

Travel provisos
then there’s time limitations
and destinations.

Local restrictions
then and now and later on
is it really safe?

How do we return?
The travel method unknown
does not instill trust.

I’d need to know more
before considering it
I know, I’m a bore.


Photography Simon Folkard

His skin white as milk.
With one short, swift, smooth movement,

Parting flesh coloring red
unfolding like a flower.
Holding tight the knife
feeling his warm skin unfold
he sighed only once.

A flash of regret
she watched how his blood trails joined
for the dance of death.

*a haiku-tanka-haiku poem for #Bloganuary

Living boldly

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Today’s writing assignment for #Bloganuary calls for a poem made of two tankas and a haiku.


Today’s writing prompt
Living boldly, what is that?
Living with purpose?
Confidently go your way?
Where noone has gone before?

Fear less, embrace change
and cherish diversity.
Start with inclusion.

Your goal is not mine.
Respect my definitions.
Let me be myself.
When we all collaborate…
Now, there is a bold notion!

If only I knew

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I wish I knew how
but if I find out, what then?
Do I start over?

I wish I knew when
but I cannot remember,
I am getting old!

I wish I knew what
what do I want, need, like, love?
Lots of decisions.

I wish I knew who
who could tell me what to do
when, and how, and why.

But if that happened…
you don’t tell me what to do!
I just wish I knew.

The fifth challenge for #bloganuary is a post about something you wish you knew how to do. So, I made a poem from a set of haikus.