It is the small things

MontBlanc Meisterstück at the top and the Platinum #3776 Century at the bottom/Photography AdS

There really is no good reason for temperatures in the 80s and 90s but who listens to me, right? After suffering through that sweaty mess for the past few days we were rewarded with several rounds of severe weather that kept you up at night in a sea of blazing lights and roaring thunder. Now that those storms are gone, we are enjoying low seventies with a nice breeze.

I went into the yard this morning. I knew that the storm had taken a toll on our trees. I heard some cracks but stayed inside. It wasn’t as bad as I had feared. One tree in the front yard took all the hits. I sawed off the branches that were partly ripped from the trunk. What is left of the tree now looks like a swizzle stick. I hope it will recover but the damage could have been worse. Nobody got hurt and the house is fine.

One thing that I wanted to do for a long time is to switch the cartridges from my fountain pens. My MontBlanc Meisterstück has been Royal Blue since I got it years ago. I love the blue colour but after almost 16 years, it is time to spruce things up. My Platinum #3776 Century has been light brown since I bought it about two years ago. The colour is too light. I like the Sepia caramel brown from Kaweco better.

So, encouraged by the upper arm exercise of sawing off tree branches I set out to switch cartridges. I got a little over enthusiastic and now have a blue ink stain on the wall behind my desk. It is not a big stain. You can only see it when you get close to the socket, but yeah, score for Alice.

But after getting my hands stained with Sepia ink that got transferred to my glasses, I now have Sepia caramel brown in my Meisterstück and Pigment blue in my Platinum.

I really should not do chores before I had my third cup of coffee.

Enjoy the weekend!

When did bullet journaling become a thing?


When I saw Pam’s post, it made me think. I quote Pam: “Ryder Carroll might have coined the phrase Bullet Journal and trademarked the name, but he didn’t invent the concept of keeping a notebook to contain and organize your life.

That is true.

Long, long time ago, we used leather books called organizers. They had rings and every year you bought the complete refill.

That refill came with preprinted information pages, a diary, a yearly calendar, and more. One of my first ones was from Succes. It became too small too soon so I upgraded to Filofax. I even got a Franklin Covey.

What those books have in common is that you keep all your information organized with tabs, everything in one book, and information is sorted by section. The first Succes and Filofax that I had came with tabs that were already a kind of bullet journal system.

I remember the grey and beige marbled tabs from Filofax and Succes. They were labeled index, year, month, week, and notes. Behind the yearly tab were separate sections with the names of the months. Behind the address tab was a set with the alphabet and numbers. I wish that I still had those very first sets. If I can find them, I will add pictures to this post.

Anyway, there are so many methods to organize your life. Most are older than the bullet journal method and probably all methods mimic parts of another system. The real question then is not which system is best (or most popular) but, with all these options, have you been able to find one that works for you?

I use a preprinted Leuchtturm1917 weekly calendar right now as I never got the hang of the bullet journal method. Carrying over information and preparing monthly and weekly spreads all seems time-consuming to me. All leather books I mentioned serve their purpose now for research projects.

I have always had one separate journal for all long-term to-do lists with things such as outdoor maintenance, renew bi-annual subscriptions, or travel spots. Anything that is a chore within a yearly timeframe, is put on the yearly calendar. If anything has to be done within the coming month, it goes on a list (just scrap paper) that I keep on my desk. Every morning, I check. What needs to be done now and what can I get done today? That’s my daily task list. This system has no name but it has kept me organized for decades now.

Do you have a specific organizational method to keep your life, work, studies, etc., running smoothly?

Review: Leuchtturm1917 Jot Book

Leuchtturm1917 Jot Book Cover

One of the big advantages of having a personal blog aside from the professional website is that I can now post any review that I want.

On the professional site, I feel bound by the theme. It is self-imposed, I know, but I feel it all should remain appropriate and respectful tot he victims and there families. But here, anything goes. Well, within limits.

One of my addictions is stationery. I recently found this jot book from leuchtturm1917. I am probably late to that party. I have used their bullet journals for a long time now but never used their jot books. And now that I have, I love it!

Leuchtturm1917 Jot Book
Leuchtturm1917 Jot Book

The jot books have a unicolour, soft cover. There are only sixty pages but aside from that, it has the coveted index and numbered pages. At the top of each page is room for the date. The paper feels the same from the bullet journals. My fountain pen has no trouble flowing smoothly over the pages and the bleeding and feathering is kept to a minimum.

What I really like is the sixty pages.

The traditional bullet journals have 251 pages. For a personal journal or a long-term project, that is perfect, preferred even. Keeping information together is very practical. However, there are all these smaller jobs, projects, and tasks that do not warrant their own 251 page bullet journal. I’d be wasting paper as the smaller projects do not fill the whole book.

Writing down smaller projects in my personal journal is not an option either. For example, during committee/work related meetings, etc. I don’t want anyone to see my personal journal notes. So, that’s where these jot books come in handy. I use the jot books for smaller projects, household notes, making holiday plans, short online courses, etc. Anyone else tried these?