Just the bag: Codie & Joey from Boulevard

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I am always on the lookout for the perfect handbag, the perfect laptop bag, the perfect mini bag, the perfect tote, or book bag. You name it and I have looked at it.

A few weeks ago, I came across a tote from Boulevard that seemed to be the perfect one. He is called Codie. He has two side pockets for a water bottle and an umbrella so no wetness leaks into the main compartment. It has a mobile phone pocket underneath the handle.

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The main compartment has a zipper and with the shoulder straps’ buckles you can close off the sides. Last, there is a zipper compartment at the front and another inside the bag.

What attracted me to this bag is the weight. The Codie version measures 12W x 5 1/2D x 15H and weighs just 1 pound. And that makes it perfect.

I love lightweight bags. There are days that I just need to bring my keys, a wallet, and my phone. However, I often wish to bring a book, my journal, and my pencil case. It is for those days that a lightweight tote is ideal.

So, I got the Codie in navy blue. It is exactly as advertised except that I miscalculated something: the tote’s height. I am 5 feet tall/short and a tote with a height of 15 inches, it too big for under my arm or to hang crossbody. Lucky for me, Codie has a little brother called Joey.

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Joey measures 10W x 4D x 10.5H and is a much better fit. It is exactly like the Codie just smaller. In case you wish to see them side-by-side, I took some pictures.

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As you can see, Codie is a tad more mat blue than Joey. They both come with leather shoulder straps but I am tempted to exchange them for some brightly coloured crossbody straps. If I do, I will add a picture here.

UPDATE: my straps have arrived (see above) so let me know which one is your favourite. I ordered them separately online.

So far, I am happy with these bags from Boulevard. They arrived on time, were perfectly wrapped, and I know they will last. I just might wish to have one more but in a different colour!


In my series ‘Just the bag’ I explore various (hand)bags and tell you why I love them. If you have a favourite messenger bag, book bag, etc., let me know in the comment section below!