On hold

Photography Simon Folkard
Photography Simon Folkard

That’s how I have been feeling for a long time now, on hold.

Waiting for many things to get better. Waiting for better decisions, waiting for organizational plans, waiting for the return of kindness and decency.

On hold until the rule of law applies again.

On hold until we are all equal under the law.

On hold until…

My writing has basically been a mix of writing prompts, haiku challenges, and journaling. I have been reading just for me and have hardly done anything about the case load that still sits on my desk, waiting to get uploaded to my professional website.

I thought that November 2020 would solve a lot of my ‘on hold’ issues. In my wildest imagination, I could not have pictured January 6, 2021.

I remember settling down to watch the vote get certified until I saw the words ‘Capitol Hill on lockdown’ and I had to read it twice for it to sink in.¬†And from that moment, I was on hold again.

Right now, I am on hold till after January 20, 2021. But depending on how that day goes, I may face a longer holding pattern.