A Fresh Start

Photography AdS

Making a fresh start is not easy. What will it look like? What will I leave behind? Is it not worth fixing? How much time and energy are involved in fixing it and isn’t it easier to start fresh? That was me considering my social media accounts.

During the (ongoing) pandemic, a lot changed. Understandably, people were scared and were looking for the patient’s perspective. If I get ill, what to expect and what does it feel like? How long did it last, etc. id you get vaccinated? Did you experience side-effects? But at the same time, the haters and trolls came out in real force.

And now this happened.

Since the last Supreme Court decisions, many changes have become fundamental. Accounts that used to be fun to follow became dark. Dark in tone, dark in passive-aggressive reactions, dark in the subject matters. What was once conversational and explorative (think brainstorming) has become confrontational and exclusive. Say one word against a person or an issue and you get muted or blocked.

If the discussion could not be had in tweets on your main feed, than the DM (direct messages) and subtweets flooded your timeline with other people pouncing. Engaging and interacting on Twitter had become a chore. You needed to find those who would not explode if you gave your honest opinion.

All this, combined with those who are only on social media to collect followers, likes, or (video or newsletter) subscribers, made me consider to just close down and start from scratch. I briefly thought about losing over 20’000 Twitter followers but then I got clarity.


My website’s traffic (not this blog) is fueled by keyword searches, not by social media. And, I never checked the main feed on Twitter. I had split up accounts in lists. I made those lists a long time ago to make it easier to follow people’s conversations. I had one for local accounts, one for law, one for forensics, of course, one for stationery, etc. I made them private too. So, why not start fresh?

Size really doesn’t matter

I now have a new, small Twitter account but with lively discussions. After I follow someone, they immediately get added to one of my new, private lists. I have less visibility but there is a lot less drama. And that is fine with me!

Wakanda Forever

Photography Alice de Sturler

This weekend, we went to see the special exhibit at the Taubman Museum in Roanoke. Ruth E. Carter: Afrofuturism in Costume Design.

The special exhibit featured the costumes from the movies Black Panther, Coming 2 America, Roots, Selma, and others.

When you enter the exhibit, you are immediately in awe. It isn’t just the designs. It is the vibrating colours, the sketches, the textures, the jewelry, and even the mannequins are amazing. It is an overwhelming sensation of amazement and marvel.

Over sixty costumes, many sketches, clips, and other illustrations of Carter’s work were on display. I took these pictures and hope you enjoy them.

If this exhibit ever comes to a museum near you, GO!


Photography Alice de Sturler


Photography Alice de Sturler

Coming 2 America

Photography Alice de Sturler

Black Panther

Photography Alice de Sturler
Photography Alice de Sturler
Photography Alice de Sturler