Rude Awakening

As of now, there is luckily no confirmation of any armed threat so, that it is the good news. The bad news is, that people still feel the need to either just say something and joke about violence or, express a threat.

If anyone thinks that it is funny to drop the ‘I have a gun’ and ‘when is the campus most active?’ lines, you should think again. In fact, you should take a hard look at yourself. Joking about violence is never fun. Joking about violence at a university where a massacre took place, is even worse.

People at Virginia Tech, and the Blacksburg locals, all have their own memories of how they experienced and/or survived April 16, 2007. They all have their own emotional triggers. Some more profound and clear than others, but the fear is there. And partially, it was there again this morning.

If you made these remarks as a joke or, just to see how fast you can get a combined law enforcement task force of Virginia Tech Police backed up by Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Virginia State Police, at campus, you need help.

Not only did you mess with people’s schedules and class organizations, you messed with people’s emotions. You forced some to relive the massacre, you scared young people who should feel safe at our campus, and you wasted precious time and manpower from all law enforcement officers who saturated campus to investigate. You should be ashamed of yourself. I also think that you should be presented the bill of all the expenses made today.

If these remarks were made as a real threat, law enforcement will find you. Because, you see, the Hokie Nation is a tight community. We always prevail.

Coffee Chat #weekendcoffeeshare

Cappuccino/Photograph AdS

If we were really having coffee today, and were in a nice coffee shop, I’d probably be looking at their counter by now for a large piece of pie to go with my cappuccino. It has been a busy week.

WordPress reminded me that I have been using their medium for 12 years now. That sounds about right, Defrosting Cold Cases started on November 24, 2009. My personal blogs have come and gone since then. But, I have been writing steadily since 2009 and that is what matters.

So, how’s your writing going? Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Yesterday, I added the word count of my shopping list to the total. No shame! I wrote it, it counts.

do I have an idea what to do for Thanksgiving dinner so I am making lists to see what ingredients I have and what I still need to get. I also do want to have a trial run, if possible. Do any of you do that? You know, a rehearsal Thanksgiving dinner?

The weather is getting cooler now. I don’t like how quickly it is getting dark now but the cooler weather does means that I can wear my sweaters and scarves again. And that makes me happy, I love my scarves. They all had a bath last week so they are freshly laundered and ready to keep me stylishly warm this upcoming season.

One the one hand, I want to work ahead during the Thanksgiving Break and at the same time, I need to sleep in. And, I need to do a daily yoga practice.

Enough of me talking, how’s you coffee?

Running late, again.

Happy Holidays 2020
Happy Holidays 2020/AdS

Every year, I debate how to be better at sending Christmas and New Year’s cards to family and friends. It isn’t just the discussion of digital versus paper.

Most people can be reached online so that cuts the costs of cards and stamps. And it cannot be underestimated. An international forever stamps is $1.20 so when I buy a box of Christmas cards from Unicef, 20 cards for $20, the stamp is more expensive than the card. But that isn’t all.

I don’t know about you but whatever I do, I am always late. See, I have a friend who is clever. She starts selecting pictures to use on her Holiday cards in summer so buy the time fall comes along, she’d ready. Her card usually prompts me into action.

So my big chore this week is: getting my act together!

Select pictures, make a collage, make an email list (of course I can’t find the one from last year) and, write a fitting message. Needless to say that 2020 was a year off the charts and that I sincerely hope that 2021 will be better for everyone in every and any aspect.

But there’s one more thing: the Christmas letter. I have friends who faithfully send yearly updates in their Christmas letter. We usually don’t. Somehow I think that 2020 isn’t a good year to pick up that tradition.

Now I have been looking into pictures. This one is right now my favorite. However, the gang here says that it isn’t Christmassy enough. Thoughts?