Book review: Blink

Stevie Winkler and his friends Chris and Lashaun love superheros. Imagine if one of them actually was one. What would they do if one of them does something heroic and somebody else claims victory?

Stevie and his mom live a modest life. Mom tries to make ends meet and that isn’t easy. Stevie helps where he can but doesn’t always go about it the right way. You see, he is a superhero and his power is teleporting. He ends up needing the help of retired superhero, Captain Heroic.

Larry Kollar wrote a great book explaining the superhero types.

Type One is born with superpowers that usually manifests around the age of twenty. The youngest Type One was seventeen. Stevie a.k.a. Blink is thirteen.

Type Two gains their superpowers after an external event which usually comes down to lab accidents.

Then there’s Type Three like Captain Heroic. Ordinary people with extremely good reflexes and insight.

The book follows Stevie as he attends superhero summer camp where he learns to control his powers. The pace is good and the chapters are well placed.

Kollar wrote a book about young people making a difference in their world and how hard it is to use power wisely. There is a thin line between doing something for good and doing it for evil. The intentions behind your actions are what matters, and that is a tough lesson for anyone.

We read about the conflicting feelings Stevie has for his father, how badly he wants to help his mom, how he wishes there was a course on how to talk to girls, and most importantly, how this young superhero must control himself in order to not become a bully.

Great for young readers. Alas, only available as an eBook.

You can follow Kollar on his personal blog, or on Twitter, or on his writing site. An overview of all his books is here.


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