Wakanda Forever

Photography Alice de Sturler

This weekend, we went to see the special exhibit at the Taubman Museum in Roanoke. Ruth E. Carter: Afrofuturism in Costume Design.

The special exhibit featured the costumes from the movies Black Panther, Coming 2 America, Roots, Selma, and others.

When you enter the exhibit, you are immediately in awe. It isn’t just the designs. It is the vibrating colours, the sketches, the textures, the jewelry, and even the mannequins are amazing. It is an overwhelming sensation of amazement and marvel.

Over sixty costumes, many sketches, clips, and other illustrations of Carter’s work were on display. I took these pictures and hope you enjoy them.

If this exhibit ever comes to a museum near you, GO!


Photography Alice de Sturler


Photography Alice de Sturler

Coming 2 America

Photography Alice de Sturler

Black Panther

Photography Alice de Sturler
Photography Alice de Sturler
Photography Alice de Sturler

4 thoughts on “Wakanda Forever

  1. Amazing. I consider designing clothing and costumes to be artwork, just like a famous painting or sculptor. These are truly breathtaking, the colors and textures. Then to consider how the lights during filming will affect the appearance in the movie. Especially fabrics with texture. Really nice work.

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