Monday Morning

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Last evening, another one died. I think that we have killed about five electric water kettles during this pandemic. No matter the brand or the luxurious model, eventually they all succumb to the rigorous tea drinking routine in our household.

Tea cups here are around 12 to 16oz and when one of us is out of tea, the kettle goes back on.

When we started to get supply chain issues, I stocked up on some items. And I knew that I had bought a spare water cooker, but where was it?

Last evening, I opened every kitchen cabinet including the annoyingly small and unreachable ones above the fridge. I dug into the unfinished basement, scanned every shelf in the pantry, I even checked the linnen closet. No spare water cooker.

Turned out, it is in my husband’s office at work.

I checked online and found great models at Home Depot, Lowes, BB&B, Target, even Kroger. So this morning, I started with Kroger. None in stock. OK, so I drove to the next town. I visited five stores and all were out of water cookers, nothing in stock, and yes, we should have updated our website with the current inventory.

I was a bit steaming and fuming by the time I entered Target. The fumes disappeared rapidly when I saw that they had a few electric kettles left. I check for content, ease of use, and that reduced the selection to two. So I bought both.

Now I am back home, sipping tea, checking email, making notes, and I even had a bite to eat.

All is well with the world again.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. While I do not often drink tea, we do have two electric coffee pots. One we use, the other a spare. And if by chance we do not have electricity, one camping coffee pot to go over a fire. Funny some of the items needed for our daily lives.

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