Weekend Update

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

Yesterday, I was trying to plan this week and nothing fit in the schedule. No wonder, I was trying to get things into the wrong week. In my defense, we did lose an hour thanks to daylight saving time and, after three pandemic years I sincerely thought that we were at the end of March. But, I fixed it and this morning, we were on time and on target.

Megan Cutler has a great post in which she explores the advice that to be a writer, you need to write daily. Well, I am a writer but frankly, life often gets in the way and you have to make choices as there are only so many hours in the day.

I like her advice to try to write every day. This can be for your work in progress, a draft for a blog post, or even a few lines just for you in your journal. I think that too many people still feel obligated to sit behind a desk 24/7 because if they do not, they are not real writers. However, real writers know that writing requires research, exploring, drafting, sorting, mapping out storylines, visiting special places, and a lot more.

Rachel Thompson‘s post seamlessly ties in with this as she tells us about the importance of writing things down. Our brains get kicked into gear by the writing process of your hand picking up a pen and putting words to paper. Your eyes follow your writing and it stimulates your memory retention skills. After I map out my week, using pen and paper, I often know it by heart.

One of the organizational things that has really helped me, is a tracker. It is a piece of simple grid paper. On the left, I write all the tasks. At the top of the paper, I put the month and the days in the month. Here’s an example.

Photography Alice de Sturler

It is easy to set up, can be done with any kind of paper and pen(cil) and, requires no spending. It is the check mark that keeps me going. After a week, I can see where I let things slip, what needs catching up, and if that persists, it is an indication that my schedule might need tweaking. For example, I found last year that I read a lot however, I did not read enough for me. I read my professional journals but it had been ages since I picked up Calvin and Hobbes. Not good!

Last, did you all get the email with the WordPress prompt ‘Bridge’ for the month of March? If you are doing this challenge, let me know. Is monthly prompts the follow-up to bloganuary?

Have a great week and try to write!

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