Happy Monday!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Pexels.com

I cannot believe it is March already but here we are, in the second week of the month. During the month of February, I did not add much here but that was intentional. The January daily writing challenges really took up more time than I had anticipated so for now, unless I get the prompts in advance so I can write a few posts at a time instead of waiting for the daily cue, I am not likely to do this type of challenge again.

Which brings me to what Jon Beckett wrote: “Rather than even attempt to write an “almost daily” journal, I am only going to write when I have something to write about.” He is absolutely right. Repeated content is boring like chatting just to talk and cover a silent moment.

Jon also wrote something else that resonates with me: “You might be the most interesting person I’ve ever known, but unless I can find out about you, I’ll never know.”

One of the scariest things to do is to open up to someone and tell them what you really think. It is what stopped me from posting on the web what I thought about some criminal cases because after all, what do I know? I didn’t go to cop school, I went to law school. I don’t canvas the streets but read reports from the safety of my desk. One of my former colleagues at a police department called me their ‘cubicle commander.’ He meant well, he’s a good friend.

Jon is right about posting unique content. Think about it this way: why should you spend time, sometimes hours per week, reading blogs if there isn’t something that makes you lean back in your chair and a smile forms on your face? Or, you frown and start to think more deeply about something.

In short, I am collecting in my WordPress Reader blogs from people who make me think, smile, and challenge me. I want to read about your finest moments. I want to encourage and support you through difficult times. And that means that at times I will fall off my chair laughing or cry above my keyboard. I am here for it.

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