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After Bloganuary, I am taking a break from daily posting but I am not done with blogging. Right now, I am busy adding blogging topics to my content calendar. I intend to add some blogging tips and mistakes that I made over the years. I can add Twitter tips as well if anyone is interested.

I am frankly drained after writing various book reviews and several posts for my professional website. Today, a much awaited verdict came in for a 1993 case. As expected, another trial is delayed due to Covid19.

As for reading, I have the ABA journals and the BBC’s History Magazine. For books, I am reading Agatha Christie’s ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd‘ and Sue Black’s ‘All That Remains; on death, mortality, and solving crimes.’

The Olympic Games have messed up my sleeping schedule but what a treat it was to watch the men figure skaters last night, especially Yuma Kagiyama, Yuzuru Hanyu, and Donovan Carrillo.

The music that Shoma Uno used for his routine reminded me of the soundtrack of the movie ‘The Man in the Iron Mask.’ Several movies have been made about this story. In case you wonder, I did indeed do some research and yes, there’s actually an update in that case.

Anyway, I knew that I had at least two movie versions on DVD about this case so late last night, I went hunting through the house to find them. During that hunt, I also found my Danny Kaye and Agatha Christie movies so that just might be my weekend plan.

Or, maybe I should draw a map!

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