Bloganuary, A Review

We made it. We did a whole month’s worth of writing based on daily prompts. Thank you to all who commented on my musings here. I met terrific bloggers and hope to keep in touch.

Today, we all got email that included a survey. I hope you all use it. To me, that is not enough though. So, I am hoping to get a discussion going here about your experiences with #Bloganuary.

Personally, I found the daily routine to become a burden but I didn’t want to quit. Not every prompt challenged me or, I felt it was too self-centered.

What I missed:

*challenges that included flash fiction (but those cannot be a daily prompt at least for me due to work)

*bloggers sharing blogging tips

*bloggers helping out newbie bloggers

*an automatic sharing of all our posts (after we upload to P2) on social media which should be easy to do for WordPress. This would have enhanced not just our visibility but also #bloganuary.

In general, I wish the challenge was less about each individual blogger but more about the blogging community.

Your thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Bloganuary, A Review

  1. I am new to blogging, approximately four months. I learned for others blogs and websites on how to present my blogs to the public, such as pictures. I watched or read and learned. I did have some helpful comments which I appreciated. It is my nature to respond back if someone leaves a comment, even a “thankyou” means you read and acknowledged their effort. I have not written any work manuals or anything except the yearly Christmas letter…lol. So the bloganaury challenge was a good way for me to get my figures to working. I enjoyed the community, found some blogs I enjoyed and are following.

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  2. I make a living as a writer and just blog for fun. There were a few days when the prompts coincidentally corresponded with events happening in my own life, so I ran with it. Other prompts were so off the wall, I responded by writing blogs that were a bit sassy. That’s okay, but it’s not where I’m at right now, as I’m in a very peaceful place in my life. (Though my blog is called Inspiration, Motivation, and A Little Sass, so I guess it’s okay). But what I really disliked is when you went to the Bloganuary site and commented, she didn’t answer everyone. No one likes talking to a wall. I think people who commented should have had the respect of getting an answer. If you’re going to put it out there, you have to do the work. That’s the polite way. Otherwise, so not cool.

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    1. I am a writer too so yes, sometimes life got in the way here as well. As for the host, i had expected active participation on the forum, liking each post to encourage us and to raise visibility, and indeed, interaction. If we comment, acknowledge. It felt one-sided.


  3. Hmm… so, I never actually uploaded any of my posts anywhere. Just posted my posts as I would normally and included #Bloganuary in the tags. Did your way benefit you in any way that a regular post would not? I’m curious to see if it helped connect you with other bloggers, etc.

    Funny that you should mention creative writing. A large portion of my posts actually WERE short stories inspired by the prompts. I had more fun with them that way. The prompts that inspired me the least were turned into private posts just for me to keep up with the challenge without putting out sub-par posts.

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    1. I posted on the bloganuary forum site and on my own blog. I do think that enhanced the visibility. Unless you know about a blog or it pops up in your WP reader, you would have a harder time finding the other participants and their work. This way, I did indeed get to know more bloggers. I agree that if you did not try to answer the prompts but used them as inspiration, you could end up with a lot of creative writing.

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    1. I’m one of those newbies – 4 months. I don’t really consider myself a writer in the truest sense of the word. Blogging is probably just therapy and release for me. I feel – I write. That being said, I had no real expectations. I just came along for the ride. Didn’t even know about tagging etc😃! So, I picked up quite a bit from the community. I appreciated the challenge writing about a topic that wasn’t really ‘my thing’ – simply because. life is like that at times. Prior to this, I wasn’t moved to write daily so this was a catalyst and it got me going. I love the suggestions you made.

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