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Music is an important part of life however, depending on what I am doing, I only play certain styles.

When I am writing for my professional blog, I usually have on repeat the Great American Songbook by Rod Stewart. I love those classics. Alternatives for working are ballet music from Tchaikovsky (favourites are Coppelia and Swan Lake) or Stravinsky (favourite is Petrushka) or acoustic music.

When I am doing research or writing for this blog, any music is game. It ranges from Queen to Frankie Valli and from BTS to David Bowie.

I do not really have playlists. That is still on the to-do list. What music should I play while I make those lists?

9 thoughts on “Music

    1. And The Four Seasons, The Temptations, all the Motown music, I can go on but then I am basically rewriting music history. had to pick a few for the post!



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