Seriously, why?

Photography and art by AdS

The next challenge for #Bloganuary is to interview a fictional character. That’s a great topic but it needs more time than just one day. What to do?

I started to write down questions I have for several fictional people of Middle Earth.

For example, from Lord of the Rings, Aragorn:

When Helms Deep was under attack, you ordered a volley of arrows first. Instead of following up with another, preferably, cross-fired volley, you charged. Why charge without the cover of another volley?

But then I started to think about Auntie Corona who has overstayed her house-visiting welcome by roughly two years now.

A: So why did you assume it was ok to show up here with just an overnighter while you knew you were going to hang around for two-three years?

C: I didn’t think you’d notice as y’all were too busy playing politics. And I didn’t intent to stay.

A: Then what was you plan? Do tell!

C: I just wanted to shake you up and show you the awesome powers of nature, get you to respect boundaries again, and bring back the days that mankind used its brainpower to advance life for all people.

A: You think we do this life-thing wrong?

C: That’s why I have stayed a little longer, dear.

Then I thought about all the people who died from Covid19, deleted this post, recreated it, and spent time thinking about an assignment that was challenging but needed more time.

A: So you finally got what you wanted. A challenging prompt!

Also A: But I don’t have time today to properly write a dialogue or an interview!

A: Well, don’t you have a draft laying around somewhere of a piece you never finished?

Also A: Yes, several but none of these people are fictional. You have heard of libel, right?

A: Always so serious, you really are a bore.

Also A: Oh, yeah, smarty-pants? That makes you boring too!

So now me, myself, and I are struggling to get along. That means it is time to make a cup of tea. See you all tomorrow with hopefully a prompt that doesn’t disturb the peace here.

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