Three books at a time

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Today’s topic for #Bloganuary is what book(s) you are reading. For me, that is always plural. I read in threes for books and in twos for magazines.


For continued law education, I read magazines from the American Bar Association and the American Society for Criminology. It keeps me up to date on the latest developments. I don’t read them cover to cover as of course, some topics either do not apply or interest me. But, I do scan the latest decisions and recommended readings. This is general daytime reading.

Fun fun and also to keep myself curious, I read the BBC History Magazine. I love history. This magazine always has great articles, pictures, book reviews, interviews, and even historic recipes although to be honest, I never tried those. A lot of their book reviews have made it to my bookmarked file and from those, several are in my to-read pile. This is general day or evening reading.


I read three books at a time but each category has its own assigned time slot. Books for continued law education are for daytime reading and are the first to be read. I review some of them on my website. After a chapter of two, I switch to books that I read to review on my website as per agreement with authors and publishers. This is still daytime reading. Books for fun come last but they cover the evening and usually run into midnight or later. So, what am I reading now in those three categories?

For continued education

Forensics; what bugs, burns, prints, DNA, and more tell us about crime by Val McDermid. I will review this book when done.

To Review

Partners in Crime, the next installment in the series ‘The Best New True Crime Stories’ by Mitzi Szereto. The review will be up soon.

For fun

The Council of Twelve from the series ‘A Hangman’s Daughter’ by Oliver Pötzsch. I read a few books in this series. The first book, I read cover to cover. I have to admit that some later books are about 25% too long. Some scenes are drawn out and slow down the book’s pace. Anyway, I am still curious and so far I am on page 157. The book has 496 pages.

What are you reading?

15 thoughts on “Three books at a time

  1. hoi hoi Ik vind jouw webstie heel interresant. Ik ben gek op crime verhalen.. Als bloganuary voorbij is ga ik al je onderzoeken even goed lezen. Ik hoop dat je dit kan lezern aangezien ik het in het nederlands doe. Can you read my comments because it is in dutch? groet claudia, regards claudia

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    1. Helemaal geen enkel probleem want ik ben een Nederlandse! Hoi, Hoi, Hoi! Ik woon al sinds eeuwen in het buitenland maar geboren en getogen in het Nederlandse. Dus, geen problemen met de taal. Zodra je tijd hebt, graag lezen en als je bereid bent, deel de zaken online. Velen hebben de aandacht nodig en ik weet zeker, dat vele zaken te helpen zijn maar het ontbreekt aan aandacht en geld.

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  2. Oo very interesting books!
    I’d probably pick up the forensics book- I am a science geek and have always been intrigued by forensics!

    Like I mentioned, the Spanish Love deception- which I finished yesterday! Yet to pick up another book :))

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    1. I have that book on my list, thanks. As for forensics, I love to read how it all came to be from the earliest days when we needed a whole vial just to find out a blood type and now, look at what we can do now!

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