Dinner is served!

Cooking and photography by AdS

Today’s prompt is about superpowers. Which one would I like to have and why? My first reaction was to be able to apparate. This way, I can visit my family whenever I want while of course, respecting another country’s covid19 restrictions.

But then it occurred to me that again, all these prompts in #Bloganuary are about me, me, me. And it shouldn’t be.

So, what superpower would I use to help others? I would like to fill everyone’s belly with at least one warm meal a day.

If everyone had dinner covered, it would reduce everyone’s stress levels. No worries about grocery shopping or finding time to cook. Not even worrying about money to buy groceries for dinner, no. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat are expensive. If that falls away, there would be room to use available funds for other meals, bills, anything. But even if no other funds were available, knowing that you have a dinner every day, that you can sit down with family and others, enjoy a good meal, relax, that is priceless.

When we eat we do much more than just making sure we get in enough calories for our energy. We sit, we relax, we reset our minds, think about something else even if it is a tiny detail such as the pattern on the dinner plates or wondering what you are actually eating, what it tasts like, and if it reminds you of anything.

It soothes the soul to know that someone made this effort for you and it affirms, that you matter. Too many people these days doubt they do.

After dinner, you might think differently about the day’s issues and problems. You might even find solutions as your brain had a moment to breath and relax.

Who knows what we could accomplish together if we sat down, ate a good meal, and mulled things over?

16 thoughts on “Dinner is served!

  1. I agree, beautiful blog. You gave me chills! I often like to say a short prayer before eating, and also pause to look at the meal–appreciate it’s beauty before diving in. Food is so nourishing and you can also nourish your soul during the dining process. You certainly captured that with your wisdom.

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