Photography Simon Folkard

Those who know me from my professional site know what my answer is to today’s prompt for #Bloganuary: justice.

I could go into academic mode to tell you why justice matters, the social aspects of it, the economic consequences for people of colour, the disadvantages for some in the criminal justice system, etc. But, you can google that for yourself.

Before all the podcasts, YouTube channels, and tv shows, there were writers like me blogging about cases, posting honest reviews, reviewing old unsolved cases, and exploring what modern technology could do to advance those cases. That’s why I write.

Many cold cases have no web presence or a very limited one. With the Internet as a primary source for information gathering it is crucial that those developing new technologies can find these old cold cases. That’s why I write.

Many things have changed in the past few decades. Old but properly preserved evidence can be tested for DNA and it has already made a huge difference. Cross-referenced databases of the missing and the unidentified has provided us with answers as well. Now with familial DNA and ancestry databases, we can try to find relatives of the one who left their DNA at the crime scene provided of course, that we respect people’s privacy.

Not every newspaper has online archives. If they do, not all editions are online or they are hidden behind a pay wall. Many local newspapers are not available on microfilm in public libraries. Last, cases without a famous person plugging it, get snowed under. And that’s why I still write.

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