Calm before the storm

Coffee and Photograph by AdS
Coffee and Photograph by AdS

I just read Trent‘s #weekendcoffeeshare and thought how long ago it was since I stopped by a coffeeshop to sit, drink coffee, read or journal. Pre-pandemic times!

We are bracing for the winter storm called ‘Izzy.’ This little booger is gonna dump heavy snow, sleet, ice, then snow, and maybe some ice again before everything moves out of my area. This means that Sunday and Monday are subject to many changes. Not just the smooth moving in of the students for the Spring semester, not just people flying in as guests, but also for us locals to run around town. There were lines at the pump.

Yesterday, I did the weekly groceries. The ladies at the checkout counters were worried. They saw a lot of panic shopping and knew that with the storm and the after-party of cleaning up, truck deliveries would be delayed so, they worried about empty shelves on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As a precaution, I am gonna check our battery stash. Will leave flashlights, batteries, candles, and matches on the breakfast table tonight. Easy to find in the dark. Might even run an extra load of laundry and the dishes jus in case the electricity goes south for a while.

So what can I do to keep me busy when we get snowed in? I have books galore. My to-read pile is still embarrassingly high. I picked these three to be read next starting this weekend:

for continued learning purposes: Forensics by Val McDermid

for a book review: Partners in Crime by Mitzi Szereto

for fun: The Council of Twelve by Oliver Pötzsch

I am out of coffee. Can anyone get me another?


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