Emojis or ROFLMAO

Screenshot by AdS

Today’s assignment for #Bloganuary is about your favourite emojis. There is a sequence that I use frequently. There is a bit of history attached to it.

Back in the day when Twitter first started as a micro-blogging site in 2006 with only 140 characters per tweet, we all had to use our words wisely. There was no ‘add a tweet’ feature yet so if you had a long story, you options were numbering your tweets hoping that people would scan your feed to find them all, get cryptic, or abbreviate everything.

The LOLs, LMAOs, and ROFLMAOs were of course, very popular. But, I always wondered why there was a gap between the LMAO and the ROFLMAO. At what point in the laugh do you get on the floor and why is the falling not an expression? So I started to use ‘falls of chair laughing‘ to bridge that gap.

The above emoji sequence is a great substitute as it has the same number of spaces. It seamlessly goes from a smile to a smirk, to laughing, then a hearty belly laugh, a tear, and then the emoji starts rolling. Now if only someone could make a ‘crying with laughter smiley face falling of a chair’ emoji!

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