What you assume is wrong

The word “Wrong” Isolated in a newspaper headline.

The assignment for day 9 of #bloganuary is to write about what people assume about you, their first impressions. Well, this is one assignment that I am not going to write. Why?

If I list what people assumed and what is in fact incorrect, I set myself up for a day of worrying why people had assumed that in the first place without getting to know me.

If I start to wonder what first impressions I left over the decades I will slip down the slide of mistakes and bad memories.

The assignment is tricky. Some of us have gone through bad times caused by those who assumed and acted upon it with injustice, discrimination, and acts of hatred.

Some people will always have an impression about people that is usually based on generalizations or prejudice. It can be very superficial but they do approach you accordingly.

Others approach people with an open-mind and allow the experience to unfold in its own pace.

The latter always end up being friends. The former remain just acquaintances at best.

6 thoughts on “What you assume is wrong

  1. Isn’t it a blessing to have people in our lives who approach us “with an open-mind and allow the experience to unfold in its own pace”? I hope yo have more of those than the other type… and you can appreciate their friendship as time unfolds.

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