What I like about writing

Writing, drawing, photography by AdS

The eight writing assignment for #bloganuary is to explain what you like about writing. Well, in short: everything.

The simple answer is that I get to use my pens and notebooks. I really love that. I love the feel of the fountain pen flying over the pages, the ink flowing and touching the papers, and the appearance of words. My handwriting is different depending on the pen and the paper. Sometimes a nice surprise, sometimes very annoying.

But I think that the main reason, the more complicated one, why I like writing, is that it is flexible. When I am grumpy, or lack either the words or the energy for more, I jot down lists. When I am sentimental or inspired by music, I write a short poem. A word or a picture can spark a haiku.

Traveler’s Notebook, MontBlanc Fountain pen, picture and photo art by AdS

The need to be flexible has resulted in various writing stations in my life. For my professional website, only a few kinds of writing feel appropriate because of the seriousness of the topic.

My writing there is a form of reporting my findings after researching an unsolved case and then I add my thoughts. Every time that I read something, do/did I agree or not? Do I know of a partial solution such as forensic sciences that could advance the case, if so, it gets added to the article. If the case is really old, I like to highlight what was available at that time when it comes to technology and investigative strategies.

An often used personal brainstorming technique that I sometimes post about on my site, is mind mapping. A creative flow of words, trying to match people to keywords, checking if there’s a connection and if so, what else is connected or what falls apart?

Trying to understand the Stephanie Crowe case/AdS

As you can imagine, there’s only so much crime a soul can take. To ensure that it doesn’t get to me, that I don’t suffer a burn-out (been there) I need other outlets. So, I have various notebooks. I have a health journal where on an average day nothing gets added but when I don’t feel like myself, I write in a few keywords why.

In a Moleskine, I keep my reading list. This one is for books that I already have and want to read. I note if I read them and whether they should go up for a book review, and if so, on which site, professional or personal. My professional site has restrictions. Books must fit the theme and the tone of the site.

On my computer, I have a list of books that I want. Either want to scan to see if it really interest me, or want to buy. Every now and then, I scan second hand bookstores online to see if I can score a few books from that list.

Writing those book reviews is another aspect of writing that I like. To explain what draws me in or puts me off, to wonder about writing choices, more of less dialogue, etc., those are all creative outlets and aspects of writing.

To come back to the writing assignment, what I really like about writing is the flexibility. Depending on my mood, needs, and wants, writing gives me various options to express myself. It doesn’t have to be neat. It can be informal or like an academic textbook. It can be argumentative, playful, short, long, and it need not have a happy ending. It is just everything.

10 thoughts on “What I like about writing

  1. LOVE your handwriting. Mine is very variable – I’ve never tried to figure out why it varies quite as much as it does. I still keep a paper notebook on the desk all the time – a bullet journal – and write in it throughout every day.

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    1. My handwriting really changes with the kind of pen and paper. I also have a notebook on my desk to jot down a thought or two. I have one, just stapled scrap paper, in the car, and then later I write down the thoughts in the right (project/idea) notebook.


    1. Yes, Moleskine is a world famous brand for notebooks. There are many books I mark as ‘want’ digitally but that doesn’t mean that I actually buy, read, let alone review them. That’s why I keep things separate. We are all different. I don’t like to keep digital lists. Being away from screens is important to me.

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      1. I see. I don’t think we have Moleskine here in Japan, so I didn’t know.

        Ah, time away from screens IS very important (he says frantically typing away at his lap with is iPhone by his side). 😁

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  2. Is a Moleskine a paper book, like a journal you carry around? If so, why do you keep the lists separated? I’m all digital these days. 😁


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