Oddly enough, I struggle with this post which is the 6th writing challenge for #Bloganuary. You’d think that as a writer with a law background, there are plenty of authors, cases. and people around to inspire me, but no. What really motivates me to do something, what really gets me going, are objects.

At my desk, I have a shuffle routine. Everything goes from left to right and back again. No, I am not crazy. It is a visual aid and the physical movement of placing something elsewhere is like checking off an item from a to-do list.

To get me going, or to inspire me to write, everything goes to the left. All notebooks with project notes, planner, sticky notes, books to read, etc. And then, bit by hit, items shift to the right indicating that I am either done or just making progress. It keeps me going.

I also found that surrounding me with nice things, keeps me writing. That is of course, privilege. I get that. I buy nice planners that I really like, usually covers so I can make inserts or exchange them when needed. My fountain pen collection is such that I rotate per week which ones are on my desk for writing. The rest remains in my drawer.

I have gadgets on my desk (an Edgar Allen Poe inspired raven on a skull on a book), my pin collection on a cork board that I made myself, and I have Arwen’s Evenstar hanging on my desk lamp.

When I am stuck, or have no inspiration, I look at all these objects and somehow, I get unstuck. I don’t know why, I just know it works.

6 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I hadn’t considered objects or methods that inspire me – interesting. Just yesterday I saw a box of story cubes from when the kids were little, and considered “borrowing” them – putting them on my desk 🙂

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