Books, of course!

Photography and art by AdS

The fourth challenge for #Bloganuary is about favourite toys when we were children. There’s only one answer: anything to read.

To be fair, as a child, I had more magazines than books. One magazine that I had as a child in the Netherlands were Okkie and Taptoe. I am not sure if they still exist, and of course, I had a subscription to Donald Duck. I stole the magazine Eppo from my brother and the Tina from my sister. When I got older, we had Club and later I subscribed to Mademoiselle.

Some of my favourite comics are shown above, I still have the series of both. Other series are Kuifje and Calvin and Hobbes. I also still have my Pinkeltje books and lots of Donald Duck pocket books.

That love for reading is still here. I am lucky to be married to one who shares that love.

We have a big library on the ground floor which also serves as my office. We have two separate professional libraries downstairs filled with textbooks and continued education materials. His is math and mine is law.

We have a small library in the storage room, in the bedrooms, and even one in the guestroom. Just never ask me to count how many books we really have in the house!

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