New and Improved

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Getting out of your comfort zone means something else to everyone so I expect that the third writing prompt for #Bloganuary will produce a wide variety of posts and opinions.

To some it might mean doing something that they never thought possible and for others, it could be discovering that change is actually not as scary as they always imagined it to be.

In the beginning of the pandemic, when we were in lockdown mode, entertaining yourself was key. So, I tried to open new doors.

I asked for book recommendations on Twitter. Someone recommended ‘The Moon is a Balloon’ by David Niven. Some of his memories, are hilarious. I also read a book on unsolved cases where every case was told in the form of a poem. That was a first and an original one. Another new form of art and words is the manga series from Moriarty, the Patriot. I have not finished the entire series yet but am excited to do so.

Another new thing for me was watching a K-pop concert. Not live, alas, because it was really good, but a stream. It was Wings from BTS and I was pleasantly surprised with the various kinds of music that they played. I had only seen them on television as guests at a few late night shows and there, they sang the same song. Watching the concert, I discovered a much more varied repertoire. So, I now have several of their albums on my playlists.

Last, a new challenge for me will be a change in my planning system. For 2022, I will not use my standard combo of a Traveler’s Notebook and a Leuchtturm calendar. This was my usual for a long time and a change from my many years of using Filofax and Franklin Covey. Yes, I am a paper dinosaur. I am going to use the Circa disc system for my 2022 calendar and the Traveler’s notebook will serve as my blogging content calendar. We will see how well this goes.

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