Road trip to Hogwarts

Photograph taken at Leavesden Studios/AdS

The second #bloganuary challenge is about a road trip I’d like to take. From all the real possibilities, I’d like the one that I am least likely to take: a trip to Hogwarts.

We’ve been reading the Harry Potter books since they came out, have seen all the movies, and we frequently rewatch the series. Visits to the studios in Leavesden, exhibitions around the world, Universal Studios, we’ve done it all.

But with all that, I always felt that the one thing that I really wanted, I could not do. Enter Hogwarts, run in the courtyard, take classes, climb the stairs to the dormitories, visit the owlery, run to Hagrid’s Hut, and cross the bridge into the Forbidden Forest.

But what I would really like, is to enroll as a student.

I’d love to be in Professor Minerva McGonagall’s transfiguration class. Checking what she has written on her blackboard, all the supplies, it would be fascinating. Prof. Bathsheda Babbling’s study of Ancient Runes could fill many notebooks with sets of alphabets to compare. Imagine writing those down with different quills and ink.

Prof. Charity Burbage’s Muggle Studies sound good too. I am curious to see what I’d recognize in those Muggle studies about life, people around me, concepts, attitudes, my own home, etc. Then there is Prof. Cuthbert Binns, the only ghost instructor at Hogwarts, who teaches History of Magic. He is described as boring but can you imagine all that he has seen and heard? I’d love to hear his take on the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

In short, take me to platform 9¾, let’s hop on the Hogwarts Express, and take a road trip we’ll never forget!

8 thoughts on “Road trip to Hogwarts

  1. pssst – if you visit Alnwick Castle, you can walk across the grass where Harry learned to fly on a broomstick. Also – if you visit Black Park (near to the studios) you can walk among the trees on the lake where the Patronus was first conjured.

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