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I see a lot of people wondering how to reach more readers for their blogs. If you use Twitter, consider following and using MondayBlogs.

MondayBlogs started in 2012. It is the brainchild of Rachel Thompson. More about her here.

Rachel began #MondayBlogs “for one simple reason: to give bloggers and writers a dedicated meme on a dedicated day. I chose that name since it seemed obvious: share blogs on Mondays. It’s one day to share our blogs and retweet others as a kind of informal community.” 

I have been using MondayBlogs since its inception. It is a wonderful way to start the week reading new posts from people all over the world. Anyone can contribute by using the hashtag and no worries about time zones: if it is Monday where you are, it is time for MondayBlogs!

Add the hashtag #MondayBlogs to your posts and share those of others. It is a very good way to gain new readers, help others get seen, and to discover new blogs yourself. Please do check on Rachel’s site for rules though.

I love that I get to read something new that I would normally not have searched for online. I follow people’s travel diaries, people fixing boats, photography, other writers from different genres, cooks from all over the world, personal blogs about family life across the globe, and of course, all about stationery and blogging.

The other advantage is finding other bloggers who also use WordPress so I can add them to my Reader. It saves email alerts in the inbox plus I get a much nicer variety of posts to read all in one place, in my Reader.

If you use Twitter, consider sharing your blog posts with the MondayBlogs community. Tweet your post, add the hashtag, and maybe add a post teaser. You just may reach a new audience and gain some followers. Try it!

5 thoughts on “MondayBlogs

  1. Thank you SO much, Alice! I’m so happy you love #MondayBlogs as much as I do. I’ve experienced A LOT on Twitter since I started back in 2009 and this hashtag is one of the most positive and rewarding of all.

    I truly had zero idea if there would be interest but there is and continues to be. It’s a labor love for me, to help out other writers.

    So appreciate your lovely post about it (and me)! #hugs

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