Weekend Update

Photograph AdS

I have been pondering my 2022 content calendar. Yeah, I don’t just write about it, I actually have one. Well, I have to put it together because I decided that for 2022, I am going to use my Circa.

Circa is the Levenger organizational system. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want. It is basically paper with a bunch of discs. I bought a softfolio (cover) on sale and it came with a lot of useful items. Then, I found that I already had some discs, tabs, and paper in my stationery stash. So, I stole my husband’s perforator and have been putting my 2022 set together.

One thing that I need to do better in 2022, is pay attention to coupons. I often get them, dump them on a pile, and only when it is time to put the recycling bin out, do I check that pile. To my dismay, I didn’t use a few good ones worth about $10 each! So from now on, I have my coupons in a plastic pouch in the front of my planner. I got about $30 on CVS receipts. Not the percentage off a purchase, but the bucks.

I also found drafts of posts that I was going to write about blogging while making computer backups. They are old and for some reason, they were never finished. I am going to check them, rewrite or update, and post them here. That will be another thing to go on my content calendar.

I am ridiculously excited for my new Lord of the Rings merch to arrive. Found a pin of Eowyn’s helmet!

How was your weekend?


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