Gratitude Wednesday

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There is a lot to be grateful for in life. So, what am I grateful for today?

1: Washers and Dryers, they keep us going. Even if we never get to the bottom of the hamper, they keep chucking along without complaining. Hilariously, they are from a series named ‘Epic’ and that name is well-chosen.

2: Tea, yes, simple tea leaves. They are not just tasty. They work magic. Earl Grey Tea settles my stomach when it is upset. Jasmin Green Tea soothes my nerves when I watch the news. Oolong Tea peps me up when I start to feel sluggish. And, Tazo Dream Tea with valerian provides the calm I need before bed.

3: Books, I love books. You can never have too many books. In fact, my husband and I would tell you to move to a bigger house to accommodate your books. We have books everywhere in the house. I have at one point even considered making a Christmas Tree from books but it fell apart.

What’s on your gratitude list?

6 thoughts on “Gratitude Wednesday

  1. I’d agree with you on all but the last point. I’m grateful for books , but don’t agree that you can’t have too many. I’m almost 80, and I have too many I no longer need. Gone is the need for advice on dating, marriage, and other problems that was relevant for young people in the 1960s and 70s. Most of what’s in my extensive cookbook collection is also out of date, as well as DIY books. Many books on technical subjects are obsolete. When you need to downsize and realize you have limited reading days left in your life, it’s time to start thinning. If you don’t someone else may have to do it for you when it’s time to move to an assisted living facility.

    It’s even worse when you’re a bookseller with two houses and a storage shed full of merchandise added to your personal collection. Just saying. Trust me, I never thought like this when I was young or even middle-aged. It hits you when you start to fall apart physically little by little, your eyes may be failing, and you don’t have as much energy to get the job of pruning your books done as you used to have.

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    1. Barbara, thank you for sharing this. I can see why later on books (and other items) might present an issue. That is why I so appreciate it that right now, we are still free to do as we want. Right now, my husband’s philosophy is to move to a bigger house. I have already started protesting with ‘and you will clean it!’ Right?

      I frequently donate books especially the Advanced Reading Copies and books I bought second hand, discarded from libraries, etc. But what I still have, yes, it is everywhere. And for as long as I can, I want them exactly there!


      1. I think I’ve already filled the book sections of all local thrift stores and donated plenty to the library. I think even they are swamped now and selling online. So many are reading mostly ebooks now. That’s how I read most new fiction. I resisted getting a Kindle at first, but it has the added advantage of letting you adjust print size. Many of my books acquired in my younger days have smaller print than I can read now with my injured eyes, and glasses can no longer solve the problem.

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  2. # 1 – Definitely! They are so good to have. I remember not having them & using a washboard in the sink & the backyard clothesline.
    # 2 – We don’t drink hot tea, but have iced all day every day!
    # 3 – I agree – you can never have too many books, and we have them everywhere, too. 🙂

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