Five reasons why I need a content calendar

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Sketching for Inktober, blogging for Blogtober, writing for NaNaWriMo while keeping up my professional website? You can imagine that it gets busy around here. And this morning, I was reminded that I should have been better organized. Why? 

When fall starts, the year races to an end. Thanksgiving needs to be planned, cooked, and eaten. Then we get the finals, celebrate commencement, and before you know it, we are sprinting towards the end of the year.

The Holidays and the New Year require hunting through boxes to find the decorations and shopping trips to replace broken items. We need dinner plans, trying to get all the presents (now with the stockpile issues we are seriously considering a giftcard spectacular) and afterwards, the cleaning up. We do give a moment’s thought to New year’s resolutions though. 

Five reasons why my content calendar matters.

1: If  my content planner is up to date, I do not have to scramble for inspiration. I can just check the week, what keyword(s) I wrote down, grab a cup of coffee, and get going. 

2: A fully planned month leaves me with the option to switch posts around. Depending on how I feel or breaking news, posts are easier to switch if you see the month’s worth of keywords. 

3: It is easier to keep up the writing discipline when you have a rhythm. And that rhythm isn’t just the physical act of sitting down to write. It is also the visual act of scanning pages, see the intervals between posts, etc. 

4: New inspiration jotted down on a piece of scrap paper can get forgotten or accidentally tossed into the recycling bin. But written down in the contant calendar, it is there. 

5: Knowing how crazy busy it gets here at the end of the year, a content calendar lets me plan sketches, posts, and word counts way in advance. I may need to start planning Inktober, Blogtober, and NaNoWriMo during the spring and summer instead of letting it overwhelm me in the fall. 

I think that I just made the case for my 2022 New Year’s Resolutions!

2 thoughts on “Five reasons why I need a content calendar

  1. That’s pretty cool that you actually have a content calendar. Even at work as digital marketers, my company wants to implement calendars but never gets around to it, lol. Here’s to being organised!

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