#SoCS Body Parts

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

First they champ, then they stamp, then they stand still.

And when he finally gets it, he reveals that he only has nine teeth left.

I still have a mouth full of teeth. I am not sure how many as some where pulled to facilitate braces and I know that I had surgery to get rid of some wisdom teeth. I do know that I have more teeth than Gollum but less teeth than the giant armadillo. That creature has 74 teeth!

And frankly, when we are talking about teeth as body parts then I wish to be a shark because not only can those teeth cut through anything (always good in cases of emergencies and bondage) but they have 15 rows of teeth and, each row has about 50 teeth!

Now, I think it is very unfair that we humans have just one row with a few teeth and molars. A shark breaks a tooth, no biggie. They have several rows and spare teeth to fill in the gaps. I break a tooth and I am stuck with a crown and worst case scenario, I have to consider a bridge or dentures. Not to mention the bill!

Why can’t I jus unfold a bright new, build-in, fresh row of teeth?

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