Five things to keep healthy this fall and winter.

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Reading Helen’s post, I was wondering what I could do to stay healthy this fall and winter. So here’s my top five.

1: getting a flushot and when it is my time, a Covid19 booster shot. Yes, I believe in vaccinations. It isn’t just not getting seriously ill. Not being in the ICU and not dying, that’s huge for me so, I am doing this.

2: I started Yoga with Adriene in August. I quickly saw the value in getting her app and I have not looked back. The number of videos is amazing and the search options (by length of session, target area, etc.) make it possible to get a practice in every day. I don’t have any stock in her company so that’s not why I am mentioning her app. The app just really helps me to do yoga on a daily basis.

3: It is almost November so time for NaNoWriMo. I have decided to be a rebel and that means none of the traditional rules will apply to me. I will be writing with pen & paper, no 1667 daily word count but three to four pages of my notebook, no novel but a combination of poetry, haikus, journaling, and observations. This way, I hope to establish (again) the handwriting routine I had aside from writing on a desktop.

4: Nutrition-wise, I will be consuming less caffeine and drink more green teas. I also want to try out new recipes. I love the Asian cuisine. My heritage of course, plays a huge role here but even if not, it is all yummy to me. I do wish to add some more Mediterranean dishes and make my own humus and baba ghanoush.

5: Reading! I still have a huge to-read pile so I need to finish that or at least, make a dent in it before I can buy new books. I want to read the last book from John le Carré, the book Charles Finch wrote about life during the pandemic, and the remaining books in the Hangman’s daughter’s series.

So, five steps to get me healthy and sane through fall and winter!


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