PM Morning Pages

Traveler’s Notebook with selfmade inserts and my MontBlanc fountain pen/AdS

This morning I woke up to a nice comment from Stuart on my latest post. I went over to his blog and found quite some interesting articles. In one, he mentioned his return to morning pages and how it is different from journaling.

I have never been able to do morning pages. When I wake up, I cannot write. My brain is still in cotton-candy-land, my body has no motivation to hold on to a pen no matter how much I love my fountain pens, and the whole getting-a-day-older thing is a routine not easy to tweak. The routine mean clean up, breakfast, exercise, plan the day, and then write. So I have PM Morning Pages or PMMP.

Like Stuart, they are indeed different from my journaling pages. Those are to keep and maybe one day someone finds them interesting enough to read or to use in a genealogy project. The PMMP? Mostly on scrap paper or in Traveler’s Notebook inserts that I make myself from random paper you get at conferences, etc. I should clarify that I write on those notepads and then fold the pages to fit my TN.

I don’t immediately shredder them when that insert is full though. I usually pick a moment when I am in a good mood to go over them. If there is a note, a date, or any detail that shouldn’t be forgotten, I write those in a separate TN insert creatively called ‘Varia PMMP.’ As you can see, I rock as a creative writer. Once I scanned over all the PMMP, I shredder them.

So here’s my question to all who use Morning Pages: do you really write in the morning and if so, at what point in your morning? And if you don’t write in the AM, at what point in the day do you set time aside for your PMMP?

6 thoughts on “PM Morning Pages

  1. PMMP yes I also do thus. But sometimes I actually do mornings pages in the morning.
    For me journaling and mornings pages are the same. I like you have a separate note book, that I write down things I want to remember and then I shred .

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