The Luxury of Writing

I have several treats on my desk that are only to be used when writing is involved. Little treats that keep me seated, keep me in the writing mood, and lure me to came back to writing when I am away from my desk.

1: my writing hand cream

I have a pump from Rituals of Sakura on my desk. It is only to be used for my writing sessions. I have another brand with hand cream for after doing dishes, etc. The smell of Sakura is very delicate, the cream doesn’t leave my hands greasy, and I love how soft my skin feels. The pump stays on my desk.

2: I need several notebooks to keep track of things for my professional website such as updates to databases, case updates that are too small to warrant a whole new post, a listing of books to read and review, (especially due to Covid19) ever changing trial dates, etc. For all those, I use a lovely Traveler’s Notebook (TN) with quality paper inserts. I have a custom made TN cover with my name embossed on the front and use inserts with good paper so I can use all my fountain pens without worrying about feathering or bleeding. This TN stays on my desk but occasionally wanders into the livingroom when I make notes, have ideas how to tackle a case or a book review, etc.

3: On my desk is a blotter that I love. It cushions the shocks from the keyboard, no need for a separate mouse pad, it makes writing on a single piece of paper easy, and helps me to keep organized. How? Well, lift it up! Underneath the blotter and on the desk I have sticky notes with packages That I expect to arrive in 2-3 business days weeks, words that I constantly misspell, a reminder when to renew my tags, and a copy of the family master schedule.

4: When I look up from the screen or the keyboard I need to see things that I like, things that make me think, things that in the past gave me good thoughts. So, on my desk lamp hangs a copy of Arwen’s Evenstar!

Simple things all in all, but together with the love for writing and the motivation to keep going, it helps me to stay at my desk!

3 thoughts on “The Luxury of Writing

  1. Aw yis, I have quite a few TN inserts laying about, and I did use it for a while, but I’ve found that it’s too skinny for me. I’ve since ‘graduated’ to cheap legal pads and pencils, just because I like the skritch-sktrich of it. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. I get that, that’s why I only use it for lists, itemizing, etc. It isn’t ideal for writing a long piece, no. Thanks for stopping by!



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