It has been a while, yes.

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During the Pandemic, I found out a few things that do and do not work in my life. 

For example, I always thought that I needed the gym to keep fit. That on my own, I’d slack. Turns out, I am ok training on my own. When all our travel came to a scratching halt, we bought a treadmill. I enjoy working out while watching a movie.

How is that different from the gym?

It is cleaner. Not everyone cleans the machines after they used it. Nuff said. Second, I only hear my own noise, movie, or music. I do not get distracted by the runner next to me with their noise, phone calls, and music or, by the TVs hanging on the walls, or the comings and goings of people. Third, despite the fact that I do the same routines time seems to go by faster than in the gym. I don’t know why but it feels like it.

Aside from the treadmill, I used to follow group fitness classes. I miss the social interactions but for now, I will keep my distance. The pandemic isn’t over. I follow the classes live online so in a matter of speaking, I’m still there. 

Last, I found a really nice yoga app. The videos are very well made, there’s no distracting music in the background, the instructor is well centered in the frame, and the videos vary in length so you can pick a video based on the amount of time you have available. 

What else did I find out?

The stress of the pandemic made me go full speed ahead on my professional website, analyzing cases, and keeping up with cases finally going to court. As a result, I lost track of this blog.

I initially started this blog as an outlet, a contrast if you will, to the professional website that is filled with crime. I thought that I could be more creative here. However, that creative muse just didn’t show up during the past six months. It is ok. I have been writing but just for me. I still love writing haikus so I might get back with Ronovan’s challenges. I have been reading a lot so to get back into the blogosphere (do we still use that term?) I am going to post some book reviews that I wrote. 

I may disappear again but somehow I think that I will come back again. 



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