What kind of writer are you?

MontBlanc Meisterstuck fountain pen/AdSI just read this post by Lorene in which she asks her readers whether they are real writers. She is right, it isn’t a universally defined term.

It is how you perceive yourself.

So, what kind of writer are you or do you wish to become?

There are people who write to become published authors, people who release white papers, or use SmashWords to self-publish their work. We have blogs (Twitter started out as a micro-blogging site) and various website formats, and publishing on tape and/or video.

In my writing group, we have people working om memoires. Some are meant for publishing, others are to preserve memories for future generations. Some publish, some blog, some have multi-layered websites, and some write in their diaries. All are writers, all feel they are writers, however, not all are accepted as writers by the public or in the mainstream media.

Writing is only taken serious if we earn money. That is wrong. I understand that we all have bills to pay however, it isn’t every writers’ goal to write in exchange for a cheque. Some writers’ goals are to inform, to advice, to educate, to entertain, or to raise awareness without expecting anything in return.

It is a privilege, yes, if you can write and not rely on it to pay the bills. But that doesn’t make that writer’s work any less important than that of the writer who is under contract.

It is what you write that matters and not the financial compensation.


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