Review: Leuchtturm1917 Jot Book

Leuchtturm1917 Jot Book Cover

One of the big advantages of having a personal blog aside from the professional website is that I can now post any review that I want.

On the professional site, I feel bound by the theme. It is self-imposed, I know, but I feel it all should remain appropriate and respectful tot he victims and there families. But here, anything goes. Well, within limits.

One of my addictions is stationery. I recently found this jot book from leuchtturm1917. I am probably late to that party. I have used their bullet journals for a long time now but never used their jot books. And now that I have, I love it!

Leuchtturm1917 Jot Book
Leuchtturm1917 Jot Book

The jot books have a unicolour, soft cover. There are only sixty pages but aside from that, it has the coveted index and numbered pages. At the top of each page is room for the date. The paper feels the same from the bullet journals. My fountain pen has no trouble flowing smoothly over the pages and the bleeding and feathering is kept to a minimum.

What I really like is the sixty pages.

The traditional bullet journals have 251 pages. For a personal journal or a long-term project, that is perfect, preferred even. Keeping information together is very practical. However, there are all these smaller jobs, projects, and tasks that do not warrant their own 251 page bullet journal. I’d be wasting paper as the smaller projects do not fill the whole book.

Writing down smaller projects in my personal journal is not an option either. For example, during committee/work related meetings, etc. I don’t want anyone to see my personal journal notes. So, that’s where these jot books come in handy. I use the jot books for smaller projects, household notes, making holiday plans, short online courses, etc. Anyone else tried these?


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