Stuffed rolls

Finished rolls stuffed with beef/AdS
Finished rolls stuffed with beef/AdS

I love making stuffed rolls. You can start from scratch and make the filling but, if you are creative and feel adventurous in the kitchen, you can also use your leftovers.

These are easy to make. You can use vegetables (finely cut) and you have the option to use meat or fish. And, the leftovers are ideal next-day lunch packages.

These are egg roll wraps filled with minced beef, green onions, broccoli pearls, garlic, and fish sauce.

Stuffing and sauce/AdS
Stuffing and sauce/AdS

What do you need?

For the stuffing:

1 package of egg wrap rolls
1 pound of beef or shrimp
green onions
a package of broccoli pearls (or chip them small yourself),

For the sauce:

rice vinegar
hot sauce
fish sauce

I use 3 table spoons of each and mix it before I start cooking. Of course, you can use any sauce you like such as ketjap, teriyaki, peanut, etc.

All rolled up/AdS

Let’s start!

Saute the garlic with the green onions, add the beef, and mince it well. Add the broccoli pearls. When you see them get golden, add the fish sauce. Let it all cool down.

In the meantime, set up your wraps and grab a sheet pan lined with parchment. Wrap a small bit of stuffing in each wrap, tuck in the ends, and let them rest a bit.

Turn up the heat.

I air-fry the rolls at 425F for about 10min. You can spray them with a little bit of oil before they go into the oven to make the wrap more crispy.

Note that if you use a small appliance air-fryer you may need to go to 400F and just for 8min. My oven has a built-in air-fryer and I found that 425F for 10min works best. I do check after about 8min to check their crispiness.