Writing Gloves

Writing Gadgets/AdSThings that help me write better or at least, help me when I write in general: writing gloves. Never thought that I would buy fingerless gloves but I did. And I don’t regret it.

Not only are they comfortable, they keep my hands warm. I actually bought compression gloves that also help the joints. Finger joint are vulnerable and can easily get irritated during the writing process.

We are so centered on writing down the story that we forget to unclench or move the hands, move the thumb away from the mouse, not to squeeze too hard into that mouse with thumb and index finger, or in general, just not to over-stretch.

I use these gloves when I type. When I write with a fountain pen I don’t need them on my writing hand. The other hand does get the glove.

During the winter, I also use them when I drive. The steering wheel may be cold but thanks to the gloves, my hands are warm and ready to go places.

Do you have items that help you write or that facilitate your writing process?