The Retreat

Every year, when I see the preparations for NaNoWriMo, I wonder. Should I? What should I write about to get to 50’000 words? And what if I do? Should I then turn the words into a manuscript with the intention to publish? Is that my goal?

What do I like about writing? What gets me started and what keeps me going? For my work, the answer is easy: the victims’ stories. But aside from workt, what if I write just for me? Do I think of publishing? No. Then what gets me going?

In the past, it was the WordPress writing prompts and writing courses that made me sit behind my desktop and write about the thoughts brought up by that prompt. The courses were a week worth of fun. The discussions and interactions in the Commons were the best. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist anymore.

Despite not having the Commons anymore, WordPress does have the next best thing: the Reader. All blogs in one place where we can comment, reblog, interact, and meet new writers to follow. So, I am back.

I will add some oldies here but also new work such as flash fiction, haikus, and poems. I might even add a recipe or two, a book review or, write about my latest stationery addiction so it will be an eclectic batch of blog posts.

So, welcome to the Retreat.